It’s just three weeks to my birthday and I’m having a party

Its my birthday in three weeks and a while back I decided I want to throw a proper party for my family and friends, as I haven’t done that for quite a few years.

So I’ve really gone to town by hiring a good venue, getting a DJ and good catering and invited just about everyone I know, so it could be around 100 people there. Even my stepdad is going to be there.

Is going to be fancy dress as well, so I’m hoping everyone will make the effort to make it into a real carnival of fun. I’ve hired a photo booth, so that I can get lots of photos and get them uploaded quickly so that everyone can share in the memories what I will hope will be a great occasion.

I suppose one concern I have is that I’m still feeling low about my body image. This is make me worry about the outfit I want to wear, as it’s quite tight and revealing.

Because my problems round diet, fitness and exercise are escalating, I am starting to worry that my fear of food and other things could ruin the occasion for me. I really want to focus on just having food drink and fun without constantly worrying about whether it is going to affect my weight. I suppose it shows the scale of the diet issues I have and facing an.

I suppose I have to be positive as well, by saying that I am starting to go to the gym regularly, I’m getting fitter and my diet is improving, but I do feel in a way that I’m putting off improving my mental health the same time, and I feel I might be heading for a fall very soon. So is essential that I focus on reading diet and exercise tips and trying to take on board positive messages about good fitness practices.

But I’m going to try and be positive, and I’m really looking forward to party. My parents are getting on a bit and I feel that every occasion I have with them now is one to enjoy, and they are both coming and dressing up as well, and both looking forward to it. There will be lots of children there as well, in the early evening, so we are having some children’s entertainment as well so that people can relax all the way through.

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