This is my time to build a realistic mindset to diet, exercise and fitness

I have been thinking long and hard over the past few weeks about how my overall attitudes to diet exercise and fitness is good, but how I let myself down with my negative inner thoughts and attitudes at times, which is destroying my progress.

Generally I’m really good and I exercise two or three times a week, I watch what I eat and generally my portion control is good. But, when I get down I overeat, and when I feel I have failed with sticking to good diet or exercise routines, I tend to think that I’ve failed so I might as well give up. This makes me eat more and it becomes what I think is a vicious circle that I am increasingly trapped in.

I’ve been doing some search online, and found some good information on several sites, including where lot is discussed about achieving realistic and healthy levels of exercise, mixed with a good balanced diet. It’s not just about every pound you want to lose, it’s about how you lose them and your attitudes towards losing them that is just as important, and if you have a bad mindset about yourself, and are negative in your thought processes, then you’re going to struggle even more.

So it’s a mix of having a dedicated weight loss program to yourself, a proper exercise routine, both of these things being achievable, and working on your own mental strength. I think my mental strength is very poor at the minute I need to work on that before I put the extra pressure on myself of implementing any sort of health regime.

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